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What is Holistic Nutrition?

We live in a world today of “quick fixes” and “miracle medications”. Mainstream medicine rarely makes reference to the direct correlation between poor nutrition and the wide range of health issues like high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes amongst today’s society. It can be hard to remove a type of food from our diet, even when we know it is creating negative symptoms. When we are given practical tools for this change, we can remove even our most favorite foods that we know are creating symptoms without cravings. Then we can realize the array of capabilities the human body has to heal itself.

The two key factors that make the Holistic approach so successful is that does not group everyone into one category. We are all unique individuals with unique body chemistry and each person shall be treated differently and uniquely according to their hereditary traits, activity level, absorption rate, and healing factors. It’s time to live a life of longevity without an unrealistic view of instant gratification.


The first consultation including awareness questionnaire, BMI Analysis, Hereditary Traits Service and lifestyle discussion is FREE.

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Performance Athletic Center is your choice for individualized and truly personalized touch in personal training, sport specific skills development, athletic performance development, recovery, weight loss, physical therapy, and fitness in Claremont, Upland and the surrounding cities.

Victory Training offers sports performance and sports skills training for beach volleyball, volleyball, soccer, futsal, baseball, softball, basketball, track and field, and flag football.

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