Best Kettlebell Workout

There is a really good kettle bell workout that people can try out for themselves. There are a number of different principles that you need to understand in order to do this exercise in the right way. You need to understand the 5 basic patterns of movement. The...

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The Essence of Velocity

There is a theory about pitching that could actually help to revolutionize the sport if it was embraced by the people in the game. One theory puts forth that the velocity of the pitch does not really matter as opposed to how fast it looks to the hitter. There is some...

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5 “Combo” Core Stability Exercises

There are 5 combo core stability exercises that you can try yourself. Core exercises are very important and they are a lot like going to the dentist. You know you need to do them, but they can be hard to get started. They are not really all that fun to do though. 5...

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15 Physical Therapy Blogs You Should Be Reading

There are 15 physical therapy blogs that people should be reading. Professionals make it a point to stay with the current trends that are going on. The same is true for physical therapists. There are many great physical therapy blogs out there for people to watch....

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Tom Brady Cannot Stop

Tom Brady is a great quarterback and he has a lot of accolades to prove it. Tom Brady was put in the role of quarterback in the year 2001, when Eric Bledsoe got hurt. Since then, he has been arguably the best quarterback of all time. They have had a very long run of...

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